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The Media Scoring and Production (MSPD) program at the Frost School of Music is fundamentally grounded in both academic excellence and innovative educational practices. The program offers both undergraduate and graduate degree pathways.

MSPD Academic Degrees:

  • Bachelor of Music in Media Scoring and Production
  • Master of Music in Media Scoring and Production
  • Master of Music in Media Scoring and Production (100% Online)


The MSPD program is committed to presenting the knowledge and industry savvy in a flexible format to remain relevant to the ever-evolving culture while maintaining the highest academic standards. The program integrates new and curated content from knowledgeable industry leaders in websites designed specifically for each course. With a hybrid classroom environment, instructors can encourage peer-to-peer discussion and engagement. This method is much more efficient than traditional classroom lectures.

Great care is taken to provide continuity of study throughout the program. Areas of emphasis include Media Scoring, as well as Production, inclusive of the most current technology required to realize student work. Each course (with its corresponding website) includes all materials and links needed for completion. This approach provides students with access to a variety of information along with detailed instruction that builds on their knowledge and confidence in the required disciplines.

Student progress in traditional academic models relies on testing in order to measure performance. This system does not take into account individual learning styles or accommodate the subjective nature of music. To promote mastery of a discipline, the MSPD program encourages students to fail as often as they succeed by employing an iterative process of draft/review and revision. Using this approach addresses the all too prevalent issue of self-doubt that can plague every creative person, thereby improving the students' productivity as well as the quality of their work.

Creating music for media is a collaborative process that depends on the quality of the interaction between each member of a team. Focused and attentive listening, as well as an understanding as to when to speak out with an insight or opinion, is essential for successful outcomes. The Frost School of Music's hybrid teaching model encourages students and instructors to interact with each other honestly and openly. We have found this to be a highlight of our program, and continue to improve and expand this approach in the future.

The MSPD Program attracts students from all over the world, all of whom have different interests, tastes, goals, and cultures. Our diversity enriches our community and serves to enhance each student’s collaborative creative skills. We believe that being able to work well with people from any culture will provide the student with a distinct competitive advantage in the future as the media industry proliferates across the globe.